Overseas Chinese Town East (OCT East)

The meaning of vacation differs among different people. Some may think that only by enjoying the services in a resort can one be deemed having a vacation, while others say you have to get close to nature and relieve your stress to call it a vacation. 

OCT East is located at Dapeng Peninsula, with Dameisha the gold coast in its front, and Wutong Mountain at its back. The choice of location conveys the message that the resort is trying to bring urbanites back to nature. OCT East is divided into four main themed areas, including Knight Valley Eco Park, Tea Stream Valley Holiday Park, Wind Valley Sports Park and Interlaken Hot Springs. Not only can you experience coolness in Waterworld and excitement from taking the rides, but also enjoy the moment in an exotic European town. Wouldn't it be interesting to have a taste of tea-zen culture in the town of old tea experts? Tired after a whole day of binge playing? No worries. Have a nice rest in the hotel nearby where a wide range of themed hotel rooms is available- black forest, waterfall, castle...... you name it.

Sea World Culture and Arts Center

Design Society - Sea World Culture & Arts Center in Shenzhen, was listed as, by Lonely Planet, one of the top ten new global attractions set to open in 2017. Open to the public since the end of 2017, Sea World Culture & Arts Center is the first museum in China that makes “design” as its theme. It also tops the art galleries in China in terms of scale and standard.

Wandering around the art centre, you may have a wonderful feeling triggered by the sense of space. The exhibits are somehow scattered. Therefore, as you move closer to them, you will feel like part of them. The description is brief and hence more readable for visitors

Design Society is a comprehensive cultural and design platform founded by China Merchants Group and London’s V&A. It conducted its first exhibition with the theme of “Values of Design”, exploring the essence of design. There are also many avant-garde exhibitions and programmes in the art centre, making it a place worth visiting and experiencing.

Red Cube of Shenzhen

The Red Cube of Shenzhen is divided into four areas, namely the Science Museum, Youth Palace, Public Art Gallery and Book City. In the Public Art Gallery, you can find interactive multimedia exhibits and art exhibitions. In the Science Museum, a device that integrates AR and VR is available for the public to experience. The Youth Palace is primarily a theatre where you can enjoy a wide range of traditional programmes such as dance shows, Kabuki, Shinpa, and Shochiku New Comedy, and some modern music programs. The show list is updated on a monthly basis.

In recent years, unmanned stores have become increasingly popular in China. It means, by “unmanned”, that there aren’t any shop assistants available. Customers have to do their shopping with e-payment all by themselves. In Book City, you can try unmanned shopping at the bookstore named "A Bu E”. Entering the unmanned bookstore requires a scan of your Wechat code and facial recognition. The payment process is simple - just choose your book and scan the payment QR code shown on your phone.

OCT Loft Creative Culture Park

Beijing, Shanghai and Taipei have their own creative parks, namely 798 Art Zone, Tianzifang and Huashan 1914 Creative Park respectively. Shenzhen also has its OCT Loft Creative Culture Park, which is not only a gathering point for hipsters, but also a great place for relaxation. 

Displaying eye-catching installation arts and wall arts featuring precise imagery, OCT Loft Creative Culture Park is a place that is worth-visiting for families and photographers. There are loads of unique stores selling very interesting products that may expand your horizons. If you are lucky enough, you may even be able to see some remarkable exhibitions that are not conducted regularly, such as a large photo exhibition. Those exhibitions are so content-rich that it might take half a day for you to visit.

If you feel tired, enjoying a relaxing teatime at a nicely decorated restaurant or café would be a good choice. B10 Live, the oldest live house in Shenzhen, is also a place music lovers cannot miss when visiting the culture park as avant-garde music will be performed.

Shenzhen Museum

To dig deeper into the history of a city, visiting its museum is a good starting point. Shenzhen has been growing rapidly in recent decades, transforming itself from a small town in the past to one of the top four first-tier cities in China. Such a tremendous transformation makes people interested in the story behind.

The museum displays the development history of Shenzhen, its folk customs and culture. There are several exhibition halls in the museum: Ancient Shenzhen exhibition hall is where archaeological findings relevant to Shenzhen are displayed. Modern Shenzhen exhibition hall showcases the history from pre-Opium War period to the establishment of the People's Republic of China, as well as the livelihood of people in Shenzhen over the past century, with the help of props, set construction and photos. Exhibition hall of the Reform and Opening-up history in Shenzhen shows the development history and achievements of Shenzhen since the Reform and Opening Up from 1978 to 2008. Shenzhen folk culture exhibition hall explores local cultures such as Hakka culture, Cantonese culture and marine culture. 

Apart from the above permanent exhibitions, there are also special exhibitions from time to time. They can be exhibitions of paintings and calligraphy, popular science exhibitions and exhibitions of museum collections. So, remember to check out the official website for exhibitions that you might be interested in before visiting!  

OCT Harbour

In recent years, there have been more and more travel guides to Shenzhen available on the Internet. During weekends, many people will go on a flash trip to Shenzhen. OCT Harbour, which is fast becoming one of Shenzhen’s top destinations, will be a good place for people who want to enjoy with their friends and families delicacies, movies, shopping, or simply a languid holiday.

Built on the coast, OCT Harbour comprises five major areas, including O’Plaza (a shopping mall), Qushui Bay, Coconut Grove Beach, apartments for vacation, and OCT Wetland, all surrounded by water. It provides an environment of perfect beauty for visitors. A day in OCT Harbour can be like this: In the daytime, do some shopping and have fun with the fountain in the square like a kid. If you feel tired, a nice drink at the al fresco café is awaiting. At night, feed your stomach with the cuisine you like - Chinese cuisine, Korean cuisine, French cuisine - you name it. Finally, take a sip of wine at the bar located right in the middle of the lake, leaving all the noises and worries behind. Not having enough? There is an IMAX Theatre for movies and an outdoor area for water shows for your cool and romantic night. 

Mangrove Nature Reserve

There are approximately 60 mangrove habitats in Hong Kong, including Nam Sang Wai, Lai Chi Wo and the Hong Kong Wetland Park. They are hot spots for picnics and bird watching. Shenzhen Mangrove Nature Reserve is a well-known mangrove nature, which is the smallest of its kind in China.

Despite its small size, the nature reserve serves as a habitat for hundreds of thousands of migratory birds of 189 species every winter. There are, in total, eight routes for migratory birds, with Shenzhen being a crucial stop-over point for them in their journey from Siberia to Australia. Through the beginning of winter in November to March, a wide range of birds such as wild geese, herons and gulls spreading their wings and soaring into the sky in Shenzhen, creating a spectacular view in the nature reserve. Photography enthusiasts are going to love it.

You can also admire the view of Shenzhen Bay with your family by taking a walk or cycling along its long coastline, which overlooks Futian District, Nanshan District, and even Hong Kong. Just enjoy your moment of relaxation with a nice view.

Wutong Mountain

Nowadays, people who are no longer satisfied by horizontal views tend to admire the scenery and beauty of a city from the top. Hiking, as a result, has become a more and more popular activity in Hong Kong. If you have completed all the hiking routes in Hong Kong, maybe it’s time for you to challenge yourself by climbing Wutong Mountain along the centennial trail, the most classic hiking route in Shenzhen.

At around 944m, Wutong Mountain is the tallest mountain in Shenzhen. There are several hiking routes to Wutong mountain. A relatively easy route starts from Wutong Village. You will be climbing the mountain along the centennial trail and returning to the village after reaching the peak. It should take around four hours for you to complete the 13-km journey. The route is relatively safe and comprises mainly trails.   

Reaching the peak of Wutong Mountain, you will be able to enjoy a bird view of Shenzhen city to the west, Tai Mo Shan in Hong Kong to the south, as well as Mirs Bay and Dapeng Peninsula to the southeast.