Plitvice Lakes National Park

The more in-depth you explore, the more splendid the scenery is. That is the charisma of the Plitvice Lakes National Park. Thousands of poets may have praised the majestic scenery here, and you might think that they were simply created on paper. Once you are here, you will realise they are all for real.

The Plitvice Lakes National Park is one of the largest and oldest national parks in Croatia. It is most awe-inspiring for its 16 lakes arranged in cascades. The lakes are famous for their ever-changing colours ranging from azure to green and grey, depending on the level of minerals or organisms in the water and the angle of sunlight. The gentle streams, grand waterfalls, vast lakes, secluded caves and jade-green forests are home to bears, wolves and many rare bird species. This divine national park was added to the UNESCO World Heritage register in 1979. The scenery in the park is seasonal. If you would like to come for a visit in winter, do read the information on the official website in advance in case of park closure due to heavy snow.

Pula Arena

The oval amphitheatre is arguably the most impressive Roman Empire architecture. In the amphitheatre, gladiators fought with swords for their glory while the cheering of spectators reached a deafening crescendo...Although these scenes are already far behind us, you can still feel like being in one of those tournaments and hear the echo of the shouting when standing in the arena.

The Pula Arena is one of the world’s six largest surviving Roman arenas. It is the only remaining Roman amphitheatre to have four side towers and with all three Roman architectural orders completely preserved. No more can you find ancient Roman games here. However, it has become the stage for modern music shows, film festivals and performances that showcase the Croatian cultures.

Diocletian’s Palace

Apart from Dubrovnik, a “site of pilgrimage” for fans of the Game of Thrones, the Diocletian’s Palace in the city of Split is also a prominent filming location of the television drama. It is where you can have a glimpse of the daily life of an emperor in the old days as well.

This ancient palace, which is located at the shore of the Adriatic Sea, was the retirement residence of the Roman emperor Diocletian. Boasting a fabulous seaview, it is indeed an excellent place for an emperor to look back at his heyday. Unfortunately, the palace suffered from huge damage during the invasion of the Pannonian Avars. In 1979, it was listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The remains of the palace are still the historical core of Split today.

Stiniva Beach

Tired of daily annoyances and holiday bustles in the city, and yearn for a quiet and relaxing vacation on an island that is a bit off the beaten path? The Stiniva Beach on Vis Island may be one of your best choices.

Vis Island is home to only a few thousand people and a stunningly gorgeous beach - Stiniva Beach. The beach, where you need to take a 20-minute walk to get to, is surrounded by steep cliffs, and therefore half of it is always in the shade. When you are looking at the inlet of this petite beach, you will feel like being in a secret garden. Camping, swimming and snorkelling on this beautiful and secluded beach would probably be the most wonderful time a city dweller would ask for. Supplementing this picturesque scenery are two or three white boats sailing on a crystal blue sea. What a wonderful picture!

Dubrovnik Old Town

If you are a loyal fan of the American television drama Game of Thrones, you are going to find everything familiar when you are in Dubrovnik Old Town, a famous tourist destination in Croatia. Dubrovnik is the filming location of King’s Landing of this renowned television series. When standing at “King’s Landing”, it feels like the dramatic scenes of this drama come to life.

The walled old town towering at the shore of the Adriatic Sea is absolutely imposing. This unique city-state was the only rival of Venice in the Adriatic Sea. The tangerine-roof-topped buildings bring to Dubrovnik, the centre of language and literature of Croatia, the warmth of elegance. Walking along Stradun, the main street of Dubrovnik Old Town, from Dubrovnik Cathedral to Rector's Palace, you will find out how this magnificent and elegant King’s Landing has become the capital of the “Seven Kingdoms”.