Gardens by the Bay

When speaking of the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, everyone will think of the old Supertree immediately, also known as the “Skytree”. One of the bars is located at the top of the tallest tree, where you can view the full scenery of the Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay Sands is right in front of you. Every night, there are two magnificent light shows, one at 19:45 and another at 20:45 (each session lasts for 15 minutes).

This site is introduced by every travel guide? Indeed, but it is not limited by that! There is the beautiful “Floral Fantasy” in the Gardens by the Bay, exhibiting plants as many as 3,000 varieties. This extravagant world of flowers is divided into different themes, including “Dance”, “Drift” and “Waltz”, which is worth a visit.

The feature of parks or malls in Singapore is family-friendly since leisure areas are reserved for children to play (and parents to take a break). The Children’s Garden in Gardens by the Bay has different kinds of exhibition for children to enjoy and learn at the same time as well as a water playground - children’s obsession! The garden sometimes also introduces educational activities for children. During the activities, young sprouts will be able to absorb all sorts of knowledge while playing. Walking towards the riverside, families can also fly a kite at the Marina Barrage. How relaxing is that?

Get-together spots for hipsters

From Mount Faber, Henderson Waves Bridge, Bukit Timah Hill, Fort Canning Park to Singapore Botanic Gardens, there are a lot of places suitable for easy hiking in Singapore and family trips! Aim for travelling in great holiday spots in Singapore? You may want to visit the following places that the locals might not be very familiar with: feeding sheep in the Hay Dairies, scooping frogs in the Jurong Frog Farm and enjoy vegetarian cuisine in the Bollywood Veggies.

Gathering areas for hipsters in Singapore are numerous. The National Gallery Singapore, National Museum of Singapore and Red Dot Design Museum are just some of them. There are simply too many fascinating sites in Singapore to introduce!

Haji Lane

Haji Lane is an attraction worth a visit. Why? It is because Haji Lane is all about hipsters, checking in, culture and art, food and entertainment! On the sides of Haji Lane, there are colourful pre-war houses erected which are currently occupied by designers and young entrepreneurs.

During the day, you will see the colourful graffiti and wall paintings in Haji Lane. Inside, there are many unique shops like cat cafés and bars where stand-up comedian will make you burst into laughter. Apart from that, there are also ethnic clothing boutiques, spiritual product stores, tattoo shops, galleries, artisan craft shops, craft beer stores and so on which turn the lane lively. For the time being, there are two cat cafés which include the typical sessions of cat-patting and coffee-drinking. One of them puts emphasis on educating children on how to touch and care for cats. So, parents can pay a visit there with their children.

In the evening, when most of the shops are closed, the bars are at their busiest times. Apart from customers who booze with their friends, the bars also arrange live music shows. On weekend nights, there will always be three to four singers in Haji Lane singing and playing guitar. The distance between each singer is just right so that their voices would not overlap each other’s and make Haji Lane noisy.

Haji Lane even has a cocktail bar without any menu. As long as you tell the bartender about your preferred flavour, they will tailor a cup of cocktail for you! If there are few guests, you may even have the chance to see the bartender decorate the drink at the best of their artistic sense!

Sentosa Island

Sentosa is a must-see attraction in Singapore which everyone knows. It is an island in Singapore. After arrival, you can first visit the S.E.A. Aquarium. Its mega-size aquarium is tourists’ favourite spot for checking in on social media. You can even sit next to it, immersing yourself into fish-viewing all day long. Next to the aquarium, there is a restaurant for diners to view fish swimming on above while they are dining. Booking is required in general because of its popularity.

A hotel is built on the side of the aquarium. One special feature of the hotel rooms is that there is an aquarium wall, specially designed for hotel guests to enjoy the aquarium view and the unique experience while they lie on the bed. However, such rooms are in limited availability so an advanced reservation is required.

If you would like to participate in “safe” extreme sports, you may join iFly which is indoor skydiving. iFly is basically safe. However, one must keep his mouth closed to prevent saliva from being blown out by the strong wind.If you find iFly not exciting enough, Sentosa also has a range of activities like bungee jumping and MegaZip. After some thrills, you may also visit the Adventure Cove Waterpark for a splash! Apart from snorkelling in the seawater pool, you can also reserve a session of the Dolphin Adventure to play with dolphins.

If you only tend to chillax, riding on the Sentosa cable car, going onto the Merlion and visiting the Trick Eye Museum are suitable for all ages.

Little India

As you visit Singapore, there is no reason for you to skip Little India! As you take the MRT to the Little India station and walk out of the station, you will arrive at the Tekka Centre. The Tekka Centre is famed for the delicious food so it will not be wrong for you to visit here! After a full meal, you can go shopping nearby. As its name suggests, Little India is like India in miniature: Indian cuisine, spices, accessories and daily necessities - you name it! If you travel with a female companion, you should pay a visit to the Little India Arcade because Henna painting which is popular among girls is available there. You can then take a beautiful snap on your Henna painting for Instagram to get as many likes as possible.

If you want to understand more about Indian culture and religions, there are two attractions which must be visited. The first one is the Indian Cultural Heritage Centre. Its exterior design alone explains why it is worth visiting, taking photos and checking in online. The entire museum allows visitors to travel between the past and present. The third floor exhibits the modern Indian culture while the fourth showcases the ancient. Visiting from the fourth floor allows you to understand how Indian culture, one of the ancient civilisations, has been developed in chronological order and how it was introduced to Singapore (the Indian culture in Singapore has blended into the local culture, which shows the cultural harmony of the city).

The second attraction is the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple which is one of the most remarkable Indian temples. From its exterior, we can tell that Hinduism worships in multiple gods as the rooftop of the temple is carved with different Hindu gods. Before entering the temple, do remember to take off your shoes and ring the bell outside of the door - a way to greet the gods. When you leave, you must ring the bell to farewell as well!

Complaints on the early closing hours of shopping malls in Singapore are not rare to hear, saying it is comparable to its counterparts in Europe. (Malls in Singapore are closed at around 21:00-22:00, comparatively earlier than in Hong Kong.) Actually, 24-hour supermarkets and grocery stores operate in different regions. If tourists would like to shop at a good bargain round-the-clock, they should not miss the Mustafa Centre in Little India.

Masjid Sultan and restaurants on Arab Street

As you visit Haji Lane, you may walk further to Masjid Sultan. Not only is Masjid Sultan the place you cannot miss in Singapore, but it is also the place where album cover of Arabian Dancing Girls by Beyond, the legendary Hong Kong rock band, was taken. This area is one of Singapore’s Muslim communities called Kampong Glam, where Muslim-style clothing, home furniture and supplies shops, as well as authentic and delicious halal restaurants are gathered.

Hari Raya Haji is not just a public holiday in Singapore but also a period in which Muslims will go to the mosque to pray all day. After the prayer time in the morning has come to an end, there will be a ceremony where sheep are butchered and the meat is distributed to worshippers and the unprivileged. This is also a sign of the unity of Muslims in which everyone will celebrate together. 

Next to the mosque, you can find finely made souvenirs and beautiful postcards in the Malay Heritage Centre. Across the street, there are a lot of Middle Eastern restaurants of Lebanese, Turkish and Mediterranean cuisines. While food quality is high, the interior design is full of Middle East style too. You should never miss it during your trip!