Little India

Address: Little India, Singapore

As you visit Singapore, there is no reason for you to skip Little India! As you take the MRT to the Little India station and walk out of the station, you will arrive at the Tekka Centre. The Tekka Centre is famed for the delicious food so it will not be wrong for you to visit here! After a full meal, you can go shopping nearby. As its name suggests, Little India is like India in miniature: Indian cuisine, spices, accessories and daily necessities - you name it! If you travel with a female companion, you should pay a visit to the Little India Arcade because Henna painting which is popular among girls is available there. You can then take a beautiful snap on your Henna painting for Instagram to get as many likes as possible.

If you want to understand more about Indian culture and religions, there are two attractions which must be visited. The first one is the Indian Cultural Heritage Centre. Its exterior design alone explains why it is worth visiting, taking photos and checking in online. The entire museum allows visitors to travel between the past and present. The third floor exhibits the modern Indian culture while the fourth showcases the ancient. Visiting from the fourth floor allows you to understand how Indian culture, one of the ancient civilisations, has been developed in chronological order and how it was introduced to Singapore (the Indian culture in Singapore has blended into the local culture, which shows the cultural harmony of the city).

The second attraction is the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple which is one of the most remarkable Indian temples. From its exterior, we can tell that Hinduism worships in multiple gods as the rooftop of the temple is carved with different Hindu gods. Before entering the temple, do remember to take off your shoes and ring the bell outside of the door - a way to greet the gods. When you leave, you must ring the bell to farewell as well!

Complaints on the early closing hours of shopping malls in Singapore are not rare to hear, saying it is comparable to its counterparts in Europe. (Malls in Singapore are closed at around 21:00-22:00, comparatively earlier than in Hong Kong.) Actually, 24-hour supermarkets and grocery stores operate in different regions. If tourists would like to shop at a good bargain round-the-clock, they should not miss the Mustafa Centre in Little India.