Bayterek Tower

Address: Bayterek, Nursultan, Kazakhstan

The Bayterek Tower is no doubt the most representative landmark in Nursultan. Bayterek, also known as the tree of life, means a “tall poplar” in Kazakh. The design of the tower is based on a Kazakh legend that talks about Samruk, the sacred bird of happiness. Every year, Samruk will lay an egg between the two branches of the white poplar, the tree of life. The body and branches of the tower symbolise the trunk and branches of the tree of life. The ball-shaped observation deck, which symbolises the egg of Samrulk, is on the very top.

The observation deck, having a height of 97m, is a symbolisation of the year of the move of the capital to Nursultan by Nursultan Nazarbayev, Kazakhstan’s first President. On the deck, not only you can look at the beautiful city from a bird's eye view, but you can also pray for happiness by placing your hand on the palm impression of Nazarbaev, accompanied by the national anthem of Kazakhstan. The aquarium and art gallery inside the tower are good places to visit afterwards. At night, you can watch the light show of the tower from the plaza beside, and witness the beautiful crossover of different marine animals, paintings and lights.