Khan Shatyr Entertainment Centre

Address: Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center, Turan Ave 37, Astana, Kazakhstan

If you would like to go on a shopping binge or a playing binge, Khan Shatyr Entertainment Centre is definitely somewhere you cannot miss. In the Northern side of the city’s central axis, there is, to our surprise, a cool shopping mall with an indoor playground, covered just by a plain white tent. The mall resembles a small city under the tent, in which there are a variety of facilities. You can fully enjoy shopping, see exhibitions, watch movies, and even go on a play binge of the amusement rides there.

The mind-boggling thing is that there is an indoor turbo drop, through which you can experience instant excitement. You can witness the change of lights in the tent, from the white tent in the daytime to a colourful one in the evening. Bringing your beloved one to the Park of Lovers nearby, and taking photos in front of the “I ♥ Astana” sign with the tent as the background will certainly make your night romantic.