Kok Tobe

Tel: (7) 727-244-7444

Address: ул. Кок-Тобе, Almaty, Kazakhstan

If you want to have a panoramic view of Almaty, as well as a view of the spectacular Tian Shan, then you must climb to the top of the city – Kok Tobe. Kok Tobe means “blue hills” in Kazakh. By taking the cable car to the top of the hill at an altitude of 1,100m, you will be greeted by the view of the vast Almaty. There you can see the squareness of the city. Directions are clear and easily distinguishable on the crisscrossing roads. 

To everyone’s surprise, there is an amusement park on the hill with all the rides you need - roller coasters, Ferris wheel, where you can witness the moving world. Apart from the hilltop view, you can visit the observation decks of Almaty Television Tower and be fascinated by the nice night view. Built of only steel like the Nangsam Tower in Seoul, the Republic of Korea, the Almaty Television Tower is the tallest building of its kind, which will provide you with a viewing experience different from other cities.