Sacred Heart Cathedral

Address: Yide Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China

Looking for a cathedral in Asia that is as spectacular as Notre-Dame de Paris? Then the Sacred Heart Cathedral is the place to go. The Sacred Heart Cathedral is one of the only four Gothic cathedrals built with mere stones and is of equal status as Notre-Dame de Paris, Westminster Abbey and Cologne Cathedral. It is also the biggest of its kind in Southeast Asia. It is known as the “Stone House” by locals as the whole cathedral is built with granite.

What surprises us most is that the granite used were from Ngau Tau Kok, Hong Kong. Before it was transformed into a district for public estates, it was one of the best quarries in Asia exporting quality granite to different parts of the world. The spectacular cathedral, given its special association with Hong Kong, is definitely a place worth visiting.