Dr Sun Yat-sen's Memorial Hall

Address: Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China

Apart from the six former capitals, Guangzhou was also an executive centre in China. When Dr Sun Yat-sen became the extraordinary president, he formed the Nationalist government in Guangzhou, where he treated as the base for the Northern Expedition. A presidential palace was also built there, but was regrettably bombed by Guangzhou warlords. The Nationalist government later established the capital at Nanjing, and built, on the site of the former presidential palace, the Dr Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall after his death. It is to commemorate his contributions to the establishment of the country.

The bronze statue of Dr Sun, which is in front of the octagonal palace and under the plaque that says “the whole world as one community” (in Chinese). It overlooks Guangzhou, where Dr Sun grew up. It also witnessed the war that took place in Guangzhou and Japan signing the Instrument of Surrender. The full text of Plans for National Reconstruction shown under the statue tells us more about Dr Sun’s noble ambition in his life. The memorial hall is in line with the Monument to Dr Sun Yat-sen, and together they have become the central axis of the traditional Guangzhou. Accompanied by kapok flowers, the city flower of Guangzhou, you can learn about the history of Guangzhou while honouring this great historical figure of the century.