Baiyun Mountain

Address: Baiyun Avenue, Baiyun District, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China

The mountain that represents Guangzhou is no doubt Baiyun Mountain, which earns a high status in the hearts of people in Guangzhou like Lion Rock does in the hearts of Hongkongers. Baiyun Mountain and the Pearl River, being the most iconic places that nurture Guangzhou, give birth to a saying of “Mountain of Guangzhou? Baiyun Mountain. River of Guangzhou? The Pearl River.”

The Moxing Summit of Baiyun Mountain, which is also known as the “First Peak of Tiannan”, is similar to Mount Davis in Hong Kong in the way that you can also do stargazing from. Yuntai Garden, the "natural birdcage" Mingchun Valley and the large sculpture park are places that you cannot miss when paying your visit to Baiyun Mountain. There you can admire the gardens and sculptures while celebrating the beauty of nature amidst bird songs and fragrant flowers.