Charles Bridge

Address: Karlův most, Praha 1, the Czech Republic

The beauty of Charles Bridge is simply mesmerising. To quote from the Internet, “Don’t say you have visited Prague if you have never been to Charles Bridge”. Charles Bridge is the first bridge built by the citizens of Prague over the Vltava. Built in 1357, the bridge is the oldest stone bridge with strong artistic values in Eastern Europe. But why is the Bridge of high artistic values?

On this 520m long bridge, we can find 30 statues of Christian saints by Czech Baroque sculptors in the 17th and 18th centuries. Therefore, Europeans also describe the bridge as the open-air gallery of the Baroque in Europe.

In the early morning, Charles Bridge is quiet and comfortable. When it is about noon, the bridge starts to fill with bustle. It is a place where souvenir hawkers, street musicians and painters meet. When dusk falls, Charles Bridge under the sunset is the best place to snap “Golden Prague”.