Golden Lane

Address: Zlatá ulička u Daliborky 7/5, Praha 1-Hradčany, the Czech Republic

Because of “him”, Golden Lane has been transformed from a tranquil street to a vibrant tourist lane. Who is “he”? He is the great Czech novelist, Franz Kafka. In Golden Lane, every small house has its own number. From number 11 to 27, there are only 17 small houses in total. Kafka’s former residence was house number 22. He rented and lived here for two years. It is said that the area was very peaceful. Kafka wrote many literature works in house number 22. Now, his former residence has been renovated into a little bookstore.

Golden Lane was built to house castle guards of Rudolf II, the King of Bohemia, in the late 16th century. In the late 17th century, numerous goldsmiths lived and worked here - this is why it is named “Golden Lane”. Since each house in Golden Lane is painted in a unique colour, you can take many gorgeous pictures in this colourful street.