Gudou Hot Spring Valley

Tel: (86) 750-645-2222

Address: Xinhui District, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, China

Jiangmen is renowned for hot springs that it is called the “city of hot springs”. Among all the thermal springs, the most famous one is the Gudou Hot Spring Valley in Xinhui and it is relatively close to the downtown. Located at the foot of the Gudou Mountain, it faces towards the sea so that you can enjoy the mesmerising sceneries of the mountain and sea while you take a hot bath in the spring. The Gudou Hot Spring Resort has the rare geographical phenomenon of “two springs in one land”. One side of the resort is a freshwater spring with radon like Huaqing Pool in Xi'an, another one is a saltwater spring. The water of the two hot springs is originally from the mountain and sea respectively and both are rich in minerals. 

The Gudou Hot Spring Valley has all-rounded facilities. With spring water supplied from the mountain, the Festival Water World in the valley features a surfing area and playing area where children can have fun. For adults or kidults, they can play beach volleyball on the artificial beach. Or, they may enjoy the time in different hot springs in the Hot Spring Valley to beat fatigue. There are Chinese medicine spring pools, saunas and even a fish pool in the Valley! You may put your feet into the fish pool for fish to eat away the dead skin and smoothen your feet. At night, you can enjoy barbequed food, then take a rest and have a spa in the luxurious hotel.