Liang Qichao Former Residence Memorial Hall

Tel: (86) 750-639-0437

Address: Xinhui District, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, China

Acclaimed Chinese thinker and statesman Liang Qichao was born in Xinhui. The former residence of the great scholar is similar to other traditional multi-storey buildings – ingeniously simple. The most notable feature of the house is his study room, the Yitang Study Room. Inside the room, you may close your eyes and imagine how Liang read the Four Books and Five Classics aloud attentively with the company of a distant sea view. The Wenchang pavilion at the entrance of the village was the place where Liang studied in when he was young. The pavilion now exhibits Liang’s personal belongings and posthumous work. It is a place for you to know more about this great scholar of his time. 

In the main living room, it showcases his official titles in the Qing dynasty and the Republic of China for visitors to have a better understanding of Liang’s achievements. Chakeng Village is where Liang Qichao grew up and it still looks the same as it was in more than a century ago.