Deqing Palace

Address: Song Street, Deqing County, Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province, China

In Deqing County, there is a magnificent building erected since the Song Dynasty – the Deqing Palace. What does the “Palace” actually refer to? It was, in fact, a place for students to have classes. The Deqing Palace was built in 1011 during the reign of Emperor Zhenzong of Song. In 1297 under the rule of Emperor Chengzong of Yuan, the palace was reconstructed and expanded. Not only was it historically a local government school in Deqing Fu, but it was also a place to worship Confucius so that it was also a temple of Confucius. A Confucius temple, regardless of its scale, has a Dacheng Hall where a statue of Confucius is placed. 

With a magnificent architectural design, Dacheng Hall is the main building of the Confucius Temple. It is famous for being built with the ancient architectural technique of “Four pillars not reaching the roof”. The four wooden gold pillars were not built to reach the roof of the hall. The extraordinary architectural techniques are truly ingenious, phenomenal and only exist in China. The Deqing Confucius Temple Festival has been listed as the "Guangdong Intangible Cultural Heritage" by the Guangdong Provincial Government. You are recommended to visit here during the festival.