Zhaoqing Ancient City Wall

Address: Chengzhong Road, Duanzhou District, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, China

City walls since the Song dynasty are rarely seen in modern China, not to mention those properly reserved intact. However, in Zhaoqing, you are able to find the most intact city wall from Song. The wall was originally built with earth but later made of bricks during its expansion. The city wall, until now, still stands after centuries of changes. 

The city wall meanders for approximately 3km, surrounding the ancient city of Zhaoqing. Each of the four gates of the east, south, west and north has a gate tower and several watchtowers and forts to fight against enemies. 

Apart from that, on the wall, there are the Wenchang Pavilion and Piyun Building which allow you to observe outside of the city. Although not every city wall could be preserved to its best shape, we still can have a glimpse of the glorious history from the existing parts. Wandering in the spot enables you to experience the days under the reign of Song and understand how the city wall helped safeguard Zhaoqing.