OCT Harbour

Address: Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China

In recent years, there have been more and more travel guides to Shenzhen available on the Internet. During weekends, many people will go on a flash trip to Shenzhen. OCT Harbour, which is fast becoming one of Shenzhen’s top destinations, will be a good place for people who want to enjoy with their friends and families delicacies, movies, shopping, or simply a languid holiday.

Built on the coast, OCT Harbour comprises five major areas, including O’Plaza (a shopping mall), Qushui Bay, Coconut Grove Beach, apartments for vacation, and OCT Wetland, all surrounded by water. It provides an environment of perfect beauty for visitors. A day in OCT Harbour can be like this: In the daytime, do some shopping and have fun with the fountain in the square like a kid. If you feel tired, a nice drink at the al fresco café is awaiting. At night, feed your stomach with the cuisine you like - Chinese cuisine, Korean cuisine, French cuisine - you name it. Finally, take a sip of wine at the bar located right in the middle of the lake, leaving all the noises and worries behind. Not having enough? There is an IMAX Theatre for movies and an outdoor area for water shows for your cool and romantic night.