Haji Lane

Address: Haji Lane, Singapore

Haji Lane is an attraction worth a visit. Why? It is because Haji Lane is all about hipsters, checking in, culture and art, food and entertainment! On the sides of Haji Lane, there are colourful pre-war houses erected which are currently occupied by designers and young entrepreneurs.

During the day, you will see the colourful graffiti and wall paintings in Haji Lane. Inside, there are many unique shops like cat cafés and bars where stand-up comedian will make you burst into laughter. Apart from that, there are also ethnic clothing boutiques, spiritual product stores, tattoo shops, galleries, artisan craft shops, craft beer stores and so on which turn the lane lively. For the time being, there are two cat cafés which include the typical sessions of cat-patting and coffee-drinking. One of them puts emphasis on educating children on how to touch and care for cats. So, parents can pay a visit there with their children.

In the evening, when most of the shops are closed, the bars are at their busiest times. Apart from customers who booze with their friends, the bars also arrange live music shows. On weekend nights, there will always be three to four singers in Haji Lane singing and playing guitar. The distance between each singer is just right so that their voices would not overlap each other’s and make Haji Lane noisy.

Haji Lane even has a cocktail bar without any menu. As long as you tell the bartender about your preferred flavour, they will tailor a cup of cocktail for you! If there are few guests, you may even have the chance to see the bartender decorate the drink at the best of their artistic sense!