Yuexiu Park

Address: Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China

When talking about the traditional landmarks in Guangzhou, it reminds you of the Statue of Five Goats. The statue is in Yuexiu Park, which is located behind Guangzhou Railway Station. You can also find Zhenhai Tower- "the First Tower of South China" in the park. 

Yuexiu Park is made up of Yuexiu Hill, a branch of the famous Baiyun Mountain in Guangzhou. Yuexiu Hill is also known as Yuewang Mountain, on which Emperor Zhao Tuo of Nanyue had his terrace built. In the Ming dynasty, a city wall that extended to Yuexiu Hill was built. At the same time, the five-Storey Pagoda Zhenhai Tower was erected. The tower overlooks the ocean and serves as a symbol of coastal defence. It has also become the starting point as well as the highest point of the traditional central axis of Guangzhou. 

The Zhenhai Tower has now transformed into the Guangzhou Museum, displaying the historical and cultural development of Guangzhou. The Yuexiushan Stadium, the home of Guangzhou R&F F.C., is somewhere football lovers cannot miss. Ringed on three sides by Yuexiu Hill and having a spectator stands close to the pitch, the Yuexiushan Stadium never fails you the excitement of watching football matches. Football lovers, let's have a feel of Guangzhou's enthusiasm for football!