Zelyoniy Bazaar

Tel: (7) 727-273-6282

Address: Жибек Жолы проспект, 53, Almaty, Kazakhstan

There is a saying that you must visit a city’s market to really feel the down to earth life of the people there. If you want to know more about the life of the people in Almaty, go to Zelyoniy Bazaar. From the food and daily necessities that you can buy in the bazaar, as well as the flow of people in different periods, you can have a taste of the tempo of life of Almaty people. For most cities of Muslim countries, a bazaar is the most important trading centre and the most bustling place, so is Zelyoniy Bazaar.

In this centuries-old market, you can stroll from the dry goods stalls out in the open to the wet goods stalls in the old building, and have a glance of different goods available on the benches that extend to both ends of the bazaar. Each bench is dedicated to one kind of goods. The most common one is beef, followed by lamb and chicken. Although this is a Muslim country, pork is available for sale in the bazaar, where a pig’s head on the bench may be found. You can also find some Russian vodka in some stores, and these unique goods show us how Russian culture influences Kazakhstan. You can have a taste of the mare’s milk cheese, which looks like fish ball and is a traditional cuisine of the nomads.