Central Market

Address: ផ្សារ​ធំ​ថ្មី, Calmette St. (53), Phnom Penh, Cambodia

For ordinary families, markets are their centre of lives, where different daily necessities and food can be found. Therefore, markets are the best place for tourists to observe the locals’ daily lives. 

The Central Market is a traditional market built in a French style of Art Deco. The market is built, layer by layer, in the shape of a cylinder with a unique dome. From the exterior, the windows of the dome may seem small and narrow. They, however, have been well-blended into the design of the dome, admitting abundant natural light for the market. Also, there are lamp posts and a clock tower all in French style. The deliberate “mismatch” between a traditional Cambodian market and a French design will certainly amaze you.