Chauk Htat Kyi Pagoda

Address: Yangon, Myanmar

Chaukhtatgyi Buddha Temple was built in 1899. The giant Buddha statue at that time was half reclining and was worshipped outdoor. For the current Buddha statue, it was made in 1958 to show the reclining gesture of the Buddha with the head propped on the hand before his nirvana. The gesture symbolises luck. The new statue is arguably more relaxed and jovial than the previous one.

The reclining Buddha in Chaukhtatgyi Buddha Temple is about 67m long and 17m tall. It is the largest reclining Buddha in Myanmar. The construction of the statue was an immense challenge to the craftsmen at that time. There is even a short story about the production of the eyes of the Buddha. 

The temple requested the eyes to be made of giant glass beads with the dimension of 1.77m by 0.5m. The craftsmen inquired glass factories in Germany, Japan and more but none of them was willing to produce. Eventually, the local Naga Glass Factory crafted the glass eyes successfully in 1973 with the help of every staff and after five failures. As the glass eyes were ready, they were delivered to the temple by an automobile in gold. Tens of thousands of believers were gathered along the way to witness the installation of the eyes which was filmed by Myanmar Radio and Television. It was a great event of the year.