Namche Bazaar

Address: Namche Bazar, Namche 56000, Nepal

Although it is only a small town, Namche Bazaar has become well-known given that it is a must-take path when climbing Mount Everest.

Surrounded by several mountains, Namche Bazaar is the nearest town to the Mount Everest. With more and more mountaineers visiting every year, different hostels, restaurants and cafes, as well as government facilities have been opened in Namche Bazaar. Before starting your journey, you can take essential rest and purchase any supplies needed in this town. Professional Sherpa guides, who also live there, can be hired. As a major trading centre, Namche Bazaar also operates a weekend market, where a variety of goods are available. Whether you are aiming for the Mount Everest or other peaks, Namche Bazaar will no doubt be the best supply depot for you.