Phewa Lake

Address: Phewa Lake, Pokhara 33700, Nepal

Pokhara is the second largest city in Nepal. Unlike Kathmandu, which is always packed with people and full of hustle and bustle, Pokhara is a tranquil and secluded place which fascinates many visitors. The city is also known for its beautiful landscape of mountains and lakes, including Phewa Lake.

Meaning “the city of lakes” in Nepali, Pokhara has a romantic aura produced by the numerous lakes. Phewa Lake, at the foot of Annapurna, is the best spot for admiring the reflection of the snow mountains. It is also the most visited place for vacation. When you go there, you can rent a colourful wood canoe, and make your way to the centre of the lake, where an island is located. On the island is a Hindu temple which you would love to visit. When sunset comes, an amazing reflection of the golden snow mountains is to be admired. You will certainly be amazed by the creation of nature. 

After the canoe ride, you can walk to the north shore of the lake, which is developed into a tourist district called Lakeside. The district is the centre of the whole scenic area, and you can find a variety of hotels and restaurants by the lakeside. It is a popular tourist attraction where people have a nice meal and enjoy a great time of relaxation.