Kathmandu Durbar Square

Tel: (977) 1426-8969

Address: Ganga Path, Kathamndu 44600, Nepal

Kathmandu Durbar Square is the heart of Kathmandu. Its importance is comparable to that of Tiananmen Square to Beijing and Red Square to Moscow. It features a variety of temples built by Newar artists. It is also surrounded by magnificent palaces and museums. 

The most famous buildings in the square are the Hanuman Dhoka (a palace complex) and the Kasthamandap. The former was built in the 16th century. It was named after Hanuman, a divine monkey. The palace is, in fact, a symbolisation of Hindus’ worship of Hanuman. At the entrance stands a statue of Hanuman, and a temple devoted to him is located inside the palace. The palace also houses a museum that tells the history of the royal families, as well as a monument with inscriptions in 15 languages.

The Kasthamandap is not only the largest tower in Nepal, but also the most important temple. Kathmandu got its name from the Kasthamandap, showing how significant the temple is to Nepal. It is said that the temple was built with the timber of a single tree. It is a must-visit place where yearly celebrations or ceremonies are held for your enjoyment.