Patan Durbar Square

Tel: (977) 1552-1411

Address: Lalitpur 44700, Nepal

Patan Durbar Square is located not far away from the city centre. Similar to the other two counterparts, the square is surrounded by palaces and temples. The square is an exemplar of Newar art. Not only is the square floor tiled with red bricks, but there are also exquisite carvings and beautiful Newar architecture.

Patan Durbar Square is the home to both Hindu temples and Buddhist temples, showing the harmonic co-existence of the two religions. Krishna temple, among others, is the one that you cannot miss. It has world-renowned stone carvings and statues, depicting epics and stories of ancient India. It also houses 21 gold pinnacles, which make the temple, built upon the request by a royal family, to look even more sparkling.