Hallasan Mountain

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Address: 2070-61 1100(Cheonbaek)-ro, Ara-dong, Cheju, Jeju-do, the Republic of Korea

Hallasan Mountain, located on Jeju Island, is the highest mountain in Korea, standing at 1950m. The scenery of Hallasan Mountain varies from season to season, but it is enchanting all the time. During April and May, the mountain is full of blossoms of azalea.

There are in total seven hiking trails on Hallasan Mountain. They open at 6am every morning (5am in summer). However, to climb the peak, one must take the Seongpanak trail or the Gwaneumsa trail. Along your way to the peak, you might be able to see deer that travel around the mountain forest. There are restricted hours for different hiking trails. Hikers are advised to learn about it beforehand in order to have a smooth hiking journey.