Cheonggyecheon Stream

Tel: (82) 222-906-114

Address: 20-2 Myeong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, the Republic of Korea

Similar to all metropolises, Seoul is also struggling to strike a balance between development and environmental conservation. The Cheonggyecheon Stream luckily is a successful example of the balance. 

Cheonggyecheon Stream was constructed during the Joseon Dynasty as a drainage system in the rainy season. It covered the city centre of Seoul. In the 1960s, however, Cheonggyecheon Stream was covered to make space for an elevated highway in the course of the city’s rapid development. It then became Seoul’s most humid place where sunlight is blocked.

Fortunately, the Seoul Metropolitan Government decided to begin restoration and beautification work on Cheonggyecheon Stream in 2003. The elevated highway was then removed, and water was pumped in from the Han River to maintain unlimited flow. The water quality of the stream was subsequently improved. With the streamside park and walkway, Cheonggyecheon Stream has become an ideal resting place for people to stay away from busy daily lives.

Every November, the three-week Seoul Lantern Festival will take place along Cheonggyecheon Stream. There will be elaborate decorations of paper lanterns with drawings. A variety of celebrations will also be held in the Cheonggye plaza. You are highly recommended to join!