Gwangjang Market

Tel: (82) 222-670-291

Address: 88 Changgyeonggung-ro, Jongno 1(il).2(i).3(sam).4(sa), Jongno-gu, Seoul, the Republic of Korea

Gwangjang Market opened as early as 1905. Today, it is one of Korea’s oldest and largest markets, housing more than 5,000 shops. The market is known not only for its second-hand clothing, textiles, tailor-made hanboks, and bedding, but also its cuisine. 

According to statistics, over 60,000 people visit the market each day. Locals and tourists are all attracted by the famous food available in the market: stewed pig trotters, gimbaps and bindaetteok (mung bean pancake), all going with makgeolli (Korean rice wine) and soju as well.