Statue of Mikhail Frunze

Address: Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Stepping out of the main entrance of Bishkek Railway Station, you will see Mikhail Frunze. He is riding on a horse, and leading, with his right hand raised, the Red Army into the city. No worries,we are only talking about the Statue of Mikhail Frunzehere.

Mikhail Frunze, born in Bishkek (previously Pishpek), was a crucial military leader during the Russian Revolution of 1917 and early Soviet period. He is considered enjoying the same status as Leon Trotsky given their achievement in laying down the foundation of Soviet Russia’s military system. He also contributed a lot to freeing Central Asian states from the rule of the Russian Empire.

Bishkek had been renamed Frunze since it became an autonomous republic of the Soviet Union in 1926. It was until the independence of Kyrgyzstan in 1991 that its capital has been renamed Bishkek again.

Although the capital is no longer called Frunze, Mikhail Frunze is still remembered as a locally born revolutionary hero. People’s remembrance of him is symbolised by a street in the city centre, which is named after him.

Starting at the Statue of Mikhail Frunze, you can reach Mikhail Frunze Museum in half an hour by walking towards the north along the wooded roadway. Although the descriptions of the exhibits are mostly in Kyrgyz, the museum is still worth going as you can visit the former residence of the great leader.