Address: Merv, Turkmenistan

Merv was once a metropolis on the ancient Silk Road attracting merchants all over the world to stop by and trade their goods. This trade post, with a name as Mu Lu as the capital of Menqi, once welcomed Ban Chao, a Chinese military general and diplomat. This city was once the home of 200,000 citizens and an important transportation hub for merchants. But after the invasion of Mongolian troops, this trade post became an empty quarter left with the ruin of walls. Though many kings and generals passed by this place, none of them could revive the city.

Ruins of Merv has been discovered in recent years. Ruins of the city wall and traces of Persians have been found out. This makes the old city of Merv and the nearby city Mary become a must-see for tourists travelled to Turkmenistan. You can find the history of Persians, Mongolians and Turks inside the ruins, and feel the glory of this ancient Silk Road trade post.