Awaza Resort

Address: Awaza, Turkmenistan

After Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow has become the new president, he abandoned the closed-door policy of his predecessor and decided to develop the tourism industry to revive the economy. He aimed to make Turkmenistan, the only permanent neutral country recognised by the United Nations, to become the Switzerland of Middle Asia and hold different international conferences to attract tourists around the world. Awaza Resort was built under such an idea.

Nearby the traditional industrial town Turkmenbashi and next to the Caspian Sea, you can enjoy the great scenery of the lake. Lots of luxurious hotels, resorts and yacht clubs have been set up and aiming at turning Awaza into the Las Vegas of Turkmenistan. Awaza Conference Centre is one of the largest conference centres in the world. It has not only two main halls holding over thousands of people, but also with three conference rooms for summits of government heads of different countries, government delegates from around the world, and a special room for signing declarations. A banquet hall and a press conference room are also available for state dinner and press conference. Just wait and see when Awaza become the next city of international conferences.