Khaju Bridge

Tel: (98) 990-449-2895

Address: Isfahan Province, Esfahan, پل خواجو، Iran

Rivers developed civilisation. For Persians, Zayandeh River is the mother river giving birth to the glorious Persian civilisation. Above the great river is the Khaju Bridge which is the finest of all Persian bridges.

With 24 arches and double arcade, the bridge is, in fact, a barrage, community and art gallery. The beauty of the bridge stuns everyone and the artistic tilework and paintings mesmerise all. The tea houses and shisha bars on the bridge are where locals chill out. After taking photos of the light and shade in the octagonal pavilions at four o’clock, you can chat with the locals in the tea house until sunset. The Khaju Bridge turns into the most beautiful park when night falls. Everyone sings and enjoys the shade under the arches for a relaxing night.