Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque

Address: استان اصفهان، اصفهان، میدان مسجد شیخ لطف الله، Iran

Feeling visually tired of majestic mosques and the glitters of extravagance? Then you should visit Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, known as the most beautiful mosque in the globe, for a brand-new literature and art experience. 

This mosque was never intended for public use, but rather served as a worship place for imperial consorts. They would visit the mosque through a secret tunnel and start worshipping. There are neither minarets nor courtyards. It only features a prayer chamber, but still, the mosque is beautiful in its own way. The dome in perfect ratio changes colours with the sun – sometimes blue, sometimes red. Intricate and vibrantly coloured, the floral patterns fully painted on the wall are so special that you cannot find elsewhere. It is so bewitching that every romantic girl will fall for. The sunbeam lights up the dome through a small window, creating a unique, breath-taking scene in which you will be amazed at the work of the Creator.