Tehran Grand Bazaar

Tel: (98) 213-654-0584

Address: Tehran Province, Tehran, District 12, Panzdah-e-Khordad St, Iran

Bazaars are of cultural significance in the Islamic world. They, together with mosques, are the central feature of daily life in Islamic Middle-Eastern and Central Asian countries along the Silk Road. Bazaars in the Middle East are like night markets in Taiwan, creating a distinct cultural vibrancy. Persia, as the commercial centre of the Silk Road, surely had busy bazaars in her important cities. Tehran Grand Bazaar has been the best among all.

As early as in the sixth century B.C, the Grand Bazaar has already emerged. From an open-air market, it has developed to be a covered one since four centuries ago. In the 20th century, there were a lot of modern structures built in the area. The bazaar is arguably the witness of the Persian architectural development. In the maze-like alleys in the Grand Bazaar, you can find different treasures of Persian culture. You can find the most famous carpets and saffron in Persia; or the local favourites – dates and kebabs. In the Grand Bazaar, you can even find a mosque for purifying the mind of urbanites from the disturbing world.