Azadi Tower

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Address: Tehran Province, Tehran, District 10, میدان آزادی، Iran

Not far from Mehrabad International Airport, there stands a huge arched monument witnessing the drastic change of Iran in 1979. In 1971, Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi built this landmark to celebrate the 2,500th year of the foundation of the Persian Empire. It was named the Shahyad Tower, meaning Shah’s Memorial Tower. As the grand “entrance” of the country, the monument was aimed at attracting foreign visitors to celebrate. However, the celebration, in which foreigners are the main targets, led to serious over-spending. Most locals were unable to celebrate the joy, further fuelling public's anger. People’s hatred towards the monument, which represents the power of the king, had reached its peak. Fortunately, the monument was not demolished after the Iranian revolution but was renamed to the Azadi Tower to commemorate the coming of freedom and establishment of the theocratic republic. It has even become the venue for parades on the National Army Day, just like the Arc de Triomphe in France.

Azadi Square, where the tower is situated, is the Iranian version of the Tiananmen Square and Red Square. Besides a museum and theatre, there are also a large fountain and grassland. In the middle of the site, there is the Azadi Tower. The reinforced concrete monument was clad with 2,500 piles of marble, symbolising the 2,500th year of founding the Persian Empire. You can pose wide-legged, just like the monument, for photos. The design of the edifice is like the representation of the change of eras – from the Persian Empire to Iran.

In the underground museum inside, you can understand the magnificence of Persian culture by appreciating the history-related artworks and religious objects. From the observation deck on the top of the tower, you will be able to watch the scenery of the city of Tehran around the site. You can also see planes taking off and landing at the airport – the modern version of caravans on the Silk Road.