Gdańsk Shipyard

Tel: (48) 587-691-600

Address: Na Ostrowiu 15/20, 80-873 Gdańsk, Poland

Readers who are interested in history and international politics would know Poland was the one triggering the democratisation of Eastern Europe in the 90's. Polish trade union Solidarity founded at the Lenin Shipyard, known as Gdańsk Shipyard now, played a crucial role in the movement. In the most important port-industrial city in Poland, Gdańsk, workers fought for labour rights and staged strikes. To better coordinate and lead the movement, the trade union was established at the shipyard. The movement later became the resistance against the high-handed rule. Eventually, Solidarity succeeded in introducing democratic elections to Poland. Wałęsa, leader of Solidarity and first democratically elected president, led Poland to become a democratic country and encouraged the neighbouring countries to follow. 

In the shipyard that is still in operation, you can visit the museum inside and learn about the establishment and history of Solidarity. This is where you can feel the enthusiasm of the workers in the movement, ponder over Polish people’s contribution to democracy and cheer for their success.