Jagiellonian University

Tel: (48) 126-631-100

Address: Gołębia 24, 31-007 Kraków, Poland

Pope John Paul II is probably the most respected clergy in the modern world. Titled “The Great”, Pope John Paul II was the top leader of the Catholic Church. He grew up and was named bishop in Kraków. The Jagiellonian University where he studied and taught in was the very first university in Poland.

The motto of the institute is “Plus ratio quam vis”, meaning to let reason prevail over force. The university thus has nurtured Copernicus, the famous astronomer, Pope John Paul II who helped end the Cold War and many Polish political leaders and Nobel laureates. Among all the academic buildings, the must-visit spot is the Collegium Maius which is the oldest university building in Poland.

If you get a book under the delicate wall painting of the Renaissance-style Collegium Maius Museum, you feel as if you can see Copernicus calculating the planetary orbits while Pope John Paul II holding a bible and teaching students to love others selflessly like Jesus Christ. In the imaginary meeting with the two giants, you will be elevated spiritually and intellectually. You will understand the world gradually and will be led to the truth.