The Royal Castle

Tel: (48) 223-555-170

Address: plac Zamkowy 4, 00-277 Warszawa, Poland

Most countries which have had monarchies had a palace as the residence for the king and administrative centre of the kingdom. After the abolishment of the monarchies, palaces are now museums to showcase the country’s best treasures. China has the Forbidden City; Russia has the Moscow Kremlin; France has the Louvre; and for Poland, she has the Royal Castle. The Royal Castle was the palace of the Polish king and it even ruled both Poland and Lithuania during the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth period. The palace was also the venue for signing the Constitution of 3 May 1791, the world's second, modern written national constitution, after the United States Constitution. The Constitution of 3 May 1791 was the pioneer of constitutional monarchy, leading the world to democracy.

The Royal Castle has now turned into a national museum exhibiting the country’s proud treasures from the past administrative centre of kings and presidents. Even though it was ruined for multiple times by wars, it could rise from the ashes every time and thrive like the Poles. Inside the castle, you can enjoy your time with the most beautiful artworks in Poland and fully appreciate the noblest spirit.