Holy Cross Church

Tel: (48) 228-268-910

Address: Krakowskie Przedmieście 3, 00-047 Warszawa, Poland

Although Poland is ethnically Slavic which is the same with Russia, it is different to other Slavic nations religiously. The majority of Slavic countries’ official religion is Orthodoxy, but Poland is arguably Catholic with over 80% of her nationals are Catholics. Pope John Paul II, born and raised in Poland, was the first-ever non-Italian pope. He is also the fourth pope being titled “the Great” in history, showing his high status in the Catholic Church. 

The Holy Cross Church is on the list of the most famous churches in Poland for sure. Built in the late 17th century for worshipping, the church is nationally famous for its Baroque architectural style. The two spires of the church are simple but full of the Polish beauty which is not over the top.

In this church, you can fully understand how important Catholicism is in Poland and how Pope John Paul II changed the whole nation as a religious leader. After visiting the Holy Cross Church, you can also take a walk in the main campus of the University of Warsaw opposite. Being the highest institution in Poland, the university has nurtured talents from presidents of countries to Nobel laureates. It is also a witness of the modern history of Poland.