Wilanów Palace

Tel: (48) 225-442-700

Address: Stanisława Kostki Potockiego 10/16, 02-958 Warszawa, Poland

To find the essence of Polish art, you must visit Wilanów Palace which has the fame as ‘Versailles of Poland’. This ancient palace is the only few constructions survived in the two World Wars and shows the ancient Polish fine arts and culture. You can find the history of Poland in this palace built in the 17th century. Graceful garden and statues, together with a wide collection of paintings and splendid decorations, revive the golden era of Poland in real life.

Poster Museum is a must-visit next to the Wilanów Palace. Polish posters are recognised for being vividly colourful, creative and full of unspoken motifs. Under the Iron Curtain, while most artworks and publication are under strict censorship, poster design is the only medium endowed with minimal liberty, to which therefore the contemporary artists avidly devoted. In this first-ever museum focusing on posters in the world, you can pay full attention to every poster as well as the soul and meaning behind during the guided tour.