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Address: Kremlovskaya Ulitsa, 27, Suzdal, Vladimirskaya oblast', Russia, 601293

Russia, the transcontinental country in Europe and Asia, was developed from the city of Moscow. Before the Russian capital city was even established, the history of the empire was actually started all over in a small town. In the scenic Golden Ring of Moscow, there is Suzdal which nurtured the empire of Russia. The first-ever Kremlin (kremlin means “a castle” in Russian) was built in this small town of Suzdal.

As you wander in Suzdal, it is like time travelling walk. Everything has remained the same in Suzdal as it was more than a century ago. With monasteries and Orthodox churches fully built, Suzdal has small but delicate architecture opposite to the giant in Moscow. During your stay in Suzdal, you are highly recommended to spend some time in the very first Kremlin in Russia. The palace is small with a simple exterior but so well-equipped and splendid interior that is on par with Moscow Kremlin. Apart from the white buildings, there are also historical wooden churches in Suzdal to visit!