All-Russian Exhibition Centre (VDNKh)

Tel: (7) 495-544-3400

Address: Prospekt Mira, 119, Moskva, Russia, 129223

You might have visited numerous theme parks, but have you ever been to one with communism as the theme? All-Russian Exhibition Centre (VDNKh) is an amusement park for you to experience communism in the Soviet era. Constructed in the 1930s, the park was intended to showcase the Soviet achievement in agricultural technology and economy. It was also used to exhibit the cultures of other communist allies and host academic conferences.

You can see a magnificent arched entrance with full communist styles. With a sculpture of a farmer holding harvested crops, the park immediately reminds you of its theme at the entrance. VDNKh has a wide range of Stalinist pavilions which were used to flaunt the state’s economic and technological achievements. Now, the pavilions are places for diverse exhibitions.

 A roller coaster and Ferris wheel are, of course, indispensable for an amusement park. Tourists from around the world can enjoy these facilities after getting to know the achievement of the Soviet Union. As Moscow circuses are internationally acclaimed, there are also circus performances for visitors. If you visit VDNKh during winter, you can even skate in the world’s biggest outdoor ice rink. Skating between the frozen fountain and ice sculptures around the park, you will gain an unforgettable Soviet experience with Stalinist architecture surrounding you.