Exhibition Complex Bunker 42

Tel: (7) 499-703-0077

Address: 5-Y Kotel'nicheskiy Pereulok, 11, Moskva, Russia, 115172

To look for the best attraction for getting to know the Cold War, you should not miss Exhibition Complex Bunker 42! The significance and atmosphere in Exhibition Complex Bunker 42 are parallel to the Cabinet War Rooms of the Churchill War Rooms. At the early stage of the Cold War, Stalin decided to build an underground complex serving as the emergency command centre in case of a nuclear war with the United States. With this bunker, the Soviet government could still command the military under airstrikes or nuclear attacks when a war with the States fully raged.

The underground fortress is 65m beneath the ground. Equipped with food, fuel and wells to provide clean water, the bunker could support 3,000 staff members to live and work for 90 days in isolation from the outside world.The bunker is connected to Moscow subway. It is also rumoured that there was a secret “Metro-2” for important officials to travel around the fortress and every important area. However, this is never confirmed because it is still classified as a military secret.

After taking the lift at a small entrance of an inconspicuous building, you will be greeted by staff in Soviet military uniforms. Walking across the air-raid tunnel, you will be able to see the models of some nuclear warheads and different facilities of the bunker.

You may have the following experience in the Exhibition Complex Bunker 42: a sudden red light, accompanied by a siren going off, fills the tunnel. An emergency announcement is made on the launch of the U.S. missile towards Moscow. The staff guides you to the missile launch control centre and instructs you to press the button at the controls to counterattack Washington by launching a missile. Press the button and congratulations – you successfully destroy Washington and bring peace to the Soviet Union. A national hero! You then can go to the former canteen for officers and soldiers and enjoy the glory of being the national saviour by tasting the meals for the military in the past.