Medina of Marrakesh

Tel: (212) 612-791-804

Address: Derb Fhal Zefriti nº6، Souk Laksour, Marrakech 40000, Morocco

The lane on the north side of Jemaa el-Fnaleads into medina (old town) of Marrakesh, where you can indulge yourself into exploration without maps and GPS.

In the old town, there are many photo spots, ranging from restaurants, cafés, shisha bars, to traditional photographic studios, museums and historic buildings. All are exquisite and elaborately decorated.

The old town houses several “souqs”, the Arabic name for market. It is frequently used in North African and West Asian cities. After the word has been spread to Europe, it is sometimes spelt “souk”. A variety of goods are available for sale in the souqs, including spices, grilled meats, lamps, carpets and groceries.