Metropolitan Natural Park (Parque Natural Metropolitano)

Tel: (507) 232-5516

Address: La Alameda, Panamá, Panama

Metropolitan Natural Park is located on a hill north of Casco Viejo with an area of 265 hectares. From the park, you can overlook the Panama City, gulf and mouth of Panama Canal.

There are many species of animals in the natural park, including Geoffroy's tamarins, anteaters, sloths, white-tailed deer, and reptiles such as iguanas and tortoises. Also, there are more than 250 species of birds such as adorable toucans.

Moreover, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute has established in a research institute and set up a canopy crane for overlooking the jungle from top. Ancon Expeditions, a Panamanian adventure travel company, obtained permission in early years to bring visitors to the crane. However, there is a limit on the number of visitors every day so reservations must be made in advance. 

Apart from the implication for nature conservation, the area of the Metropolitan Natural Park was the battlefield during the United States invasion, World War II and more. Thus, there are many historical military sites in the park.