Drak Yerpa

Address: Dagze, Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region, China

Drak Yerpa is one of the four propitious places for hermits in Tibet. A Tibetan ballad sings, "The auspicious place of Tibet is Lhasa, and the propitious place of Lhasa is Yerpa; reaching Lhasa without having visited Yerpa is like making a new cloth without a collar.” Drak Yerpa is located in the Yerpa Valley, about 30km north of central Lhasa. Built on the hillside, Drak Yerpa is like being embedded into the cliff. According to legend, there are 108 meditation caves here. Yet, there are only around 80 in fact.

Legend has it Songtsen Gampo, Indian Buddhist master Padmasambhava and Indian Buddhist master Atiśa (whose ideas formed the foundation of the Kadam school) once isolated themselves from the outer world to have Sādhanāin the meditation caves of Drak Yerpa.