Hassan II Mosque

Tel: (212) 522-482-886

Address: Boulevard de la Corniche, Casablanca 20000, Morocco

In 1980, during the birthday celebration, King Hassan II made his birthday wish. He wished Casablanca to be endowed with a large, fine building of which it can be proud of until the end of time. The faithful Muslims could go there to pray and to praise Allāhon firm soil. They could also contemplate the sky and ocean Allāh created there.

The King’s wish came true. In 1993, the Hassan II Mosque was built. It is the largest mosque in Africa, the hall and square of which can house 105,000 worshippers in total. Its minaret is the second tallest in the world, standing at 210m. The minaret is topped with a laser, which emits lights directed towards Mecca the Holy City.

The Hassan II Mosque was designed by Michel Pinseau, a French architect who worked on many landmarks in Casablanca. He was mostly recognised as Hassan II’s architect.

A part of the base of the mosque is stretched to the Atlantic Ocean. The mosque then looks like as if it floats on the Atlantic Ocean. The mosque integrates Moroccan elements with traditional Islamic architecture. It also reflects some Moorish influences. The materials used in the construction process, including stones, wood and granite were all cut and polished manually. 

Visitors can join multi-languages guided tours in non-prayer periods to learn more about the design of the mosque’s interior. The dress code for the mosque is relatively loose. Just wear clothes that cover your upper arm, chest and that are long enough to cover your knees. Hijab for female is not a must.