Dolac Market

Address: Dolac, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia

The market is a miniature of city life. The interactions of people are some of the beautiful scenery in the market. Thousands of red umbrellas filled the Dolac Market, making it easily recognised. These unique red umbrella was originally part of the folk accessory in the Šestine region dated back in the mid-18th century. Nowadays they have become popular backdrops of postcards and tourism advertisement of Croatia.

Dolac Market witnessed a few hundred years of history of Zagreb, including the Mongol invasion and the Second World War. The statue of a traditional farm lady and the old photos at a corner of Dolac Market are some evidence showcasing how much it preserves the olds till today. Stall owners are still using traditional scales for measurement, and you can still find vendors selling the same foodies such as fresh fruits, vegetables, jam and honey like before, all under the same red umbrellas. Fish products caught from the Adriatic Sea are sold in the indoor market. The biggest change may probably be the surge in the number of tourists. After browsing through your favourite stalls, don’t forget to try out the specialty gingerbread, and get yourself a red umbrella, checked necktie and fountain pen as souvenirs!