Grič Tunnel

Address: Mesnička ul. 19, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia

Wandering along the bustling streets in Zagreb, it is hard to imagine that the city was once a war field. The Second World War and the Croatian War of Independence brought to the city numerous barrages. Air-raid shelters were then built to protect civilians from frequent bombings. Most of these shelters were abandoned after the wars, while some of them became underground passages for pedestrians. Among those kept, there is one shelter that was redefined and turned into a special and buzzing place - Grič Tunnel.

When the underground party culture was introduced to Croatia from the West, the Grich Tunnel became a perfect spot because of its seclusion. Later on, its cultural value has allured people to transform it into a site that houses temporary exhibitions, rave parties, events celebrating the Advent season and more that attract global visitors. It is a popular spot for hipsters and undoubtedly, a good example of heritage revitalisation.